10 Golden Points to Help You Score High in Your 12th Board Exams


The final year of the glorious years of school comes with a nightmare known as the Board Exams. However, they need not be the terror that they are made out to be. We have compiled 10 golden points to help you score maximum in your 12th Board examinations.


  1. Attitude is the key

We have all heard of the saying that success is 1% aptitude and 99% attitude. Keeping a positive attitude may not seem like a very important factor, but it is how you feel inside that reflects outside. People who have been successful in life have always had a positive outlook towards life.


  1. Failing to plan is planning to fail

It is never lack of capabilities that don’t let you score well, it is lack of planning. Make a schedule of your studies and stick to it, no matter what. It is important to keep the schedule realistic. Remember, you are a human being, and would need recreation time to rejuvenate yourself. In case one days schedule is disrupted, cover up the other day.


  1. Identify your strengths and play on them

Let’s admit it, no matter how brilliant a student you are, you possibly cannot be equally good at all subjects. Identify which subjects you are a natural at, and balance that subject with another one that you are considerably weak at.For instance, if you sail through Mathematics in no time, but struggle for Business Studies, give the most productive part of your day to studying Business Studies, and the more relaxed parts to studying Mathematics.


  1. Stick to your course material

What most students struggle with is trying to refer to too many books at once. Referring other books might help at the beginning of the year to understand the concept, but as you near your exams, it is advisable to stick your course books and notes prepared. This is the time to practice and learn the concepts that you have grasped earlier.


  1. Managing Time

Time is your most precious asset in hand; those who utilize it well usually score the best. Do not put off everything for the last moment. Your 12th class comprises of 12 months, not 3! Study for the entire year, and you wouldn’t feel burdened by the end of the year.Having said that, it is definitely necessary to increase your study time and focus during the crucial last 3 months. But by that time, your concepts should be clear and notes in place.


  1. What to do the night before – sleep!

A lot of students commit this mistake of pulling an all-nighter the night before their exams. Not only do you not retain anything which you rote learn one night before the exam, but also mix up the material that is clear in your mind. It ruins your confidence and makes you feel even more nervous. Simply go off to sleep early and get a good night’s sleep.


  1. What to do right before the exam

Relax! That’s it, you simply have to relax and stay calm before your exam. Do not try to rote learn any last moment pointers, and do not listen to what your friends think is important and what isn’t. Please remember, it is their first time giving board exams, and they do not know any better than you!


  1. What to do during the exam

Maintaining a level head during pressure is what determines your success in not just exams, but in all avenues of life. Read all instructions and questions carefully, and if you find anything unfamiliar, do not panic. Tell yourself that you know the questions asked well, and relax yourself. Your memory might not pick up every single thing you read at the very first go, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know your course.


  1. Presentation wins the game

Your answers might be completely correct, but if the checker has to put too much of effort into trying to understand what you are writing, chances are high that your marks will suffer. Now, I don’t mean that you have to write in the most beautiful handwriting, but you have to keep it neat and clean.


  1. Move on!

This is one area that gets to the most brilliant of students. If you have not been able to perform in one exam, there is no point mulling over it. Move on to the next subject immediately! If needed, cry it out, or treat yourself to your favorite ice cream, but then forget it. Do not let one exam spoil your entire aggregate of marks.

Finally, we wish you all the luck! Remember, this time is never coming back again, and instead of taking pressure, enjoy the year. You will not get so much of time to study your basics, and focus only on your studies in a sheltered environment. Enjoy it!

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